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  • When a Female C.E.O. Leaves, the Glass Ceiling Is Restored

    9 August

    And then there were 24. With the announcement of Indra Nooyi's departure on Monday as chief executive of PepsiCo , only 24 women...

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  • Women founders get less funding than men but make double the revenue

    9 August

    72 shares As a woman, sexism isn’t new to me. I’ve encountered many casual sexist jokes and witnessed the infamous gender pay...

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  • Three Questions To Ask Yourself To Move Beyond The Gender Pay Gap

    2 August

    For all the noise around the gender pay gap, it turns out, we’ve barely scratched the surface. Hard to believe in the U.K in...

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Latest research

  • The housework gender gap will take 30 years to close at current rate of change

    Women are doing less housework and men are doing more, according to the latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in...

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  • Cultivate Your Patience: The Fight For Equality Has Just Begun

    It’s true. It may be a tough time to be a man in a post-#MeToo world. But guys, it has been tough to be a woman in the world...

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  • Gender Letter: Women, Stop Volunteering for Office Housework!

    If you think that raising your hand for tasks you’re not really into will pay off at some point in some way, think again.


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