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  • How to make a comeback after a break from your career

    20 June

    AGSM @ UNSW Business School is offering 30 Career Comeback Sponsorships with some big benefits for women looking to return to a...

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  • Women in Switzerland have gone on strike - this is why

    20 June

    Switzerland’s policies in support of women have lagged behind many of its European neighbours - so women are taking to the streets...

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  • The Road to Gender Equity Is Paved by Paternity Leave

    20 June

    Working in the corporate world for many years, I can't remember a time when the topic of paternity leave has come up in...

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Latest research

  • The punishment gap: how workplace mistakes hurt women and minorities most

    In finance, medicine, politics and even in schools, women and minorities are more harshly reprimanded and face greater future...

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  • Ten Tips On How To Empower Other Women At Work

    There’s no denying that western civilisation has long held an appetite for the concept. From Queen Elizabeth I’s long held feud...

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  • Women reach their earnings peak 11 years before men and are paid $35,000 less, survey shows

    Women reach their peak earning potential some 11 years before men and earn a salary almost $35,000 lower than their male...

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