Become a PWN member, and you will be eligible to join our highly regarded Mentoring Program. Mentoring is recognised as a cost-effective and impactful way to prepare future business leaders. In the past three years, 60% of people who participated in a PWN Mentoring Program have gone on to achieve their life change goal, including promotions and career changes. So, this could be the start of a new chapter of your life! 

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring combines several skills:

  • Advice: Mentors provide Mentees with recommendations originating from their personal experiences
  • Training: Mentors share knowledge, facts and information that support and enrich Mentees
  • Coaching: Mentors provide support to Mentees during their development and help to visualize issues from different perspectives
  • Goal-Orientation: Mentors help Mentees to define their goals, analyze their current situation, identify the right strategies to reach those goals and, of course, Mentors provide additional support to take the required steps toward achieving goals
  • Motivation: Mentors guide Mentees during the program, helping them stay on track and focused, as well as providing additional help to overcome obstacles

What is the PWN Vienna Mentoring Program?

Mentoring is a cornerstone of PWN's offer to its members and the community at large (yes, it is open to men as well!), and benefits both Mentees and Mentors. Mentoring is a voluntary developmental relationship, between an expert who is willing to share her/his knowledge and experiences (Mentor) with one or more wanting to learn and profit from guidance to develop their personal or professional skills (Mentees).

Mentors are matched with Mentees to reach specific career or business-related goals. The program runs from October to June, with each small mentoring group meeting on a regular basis (either in person or remotely). Mentoring topics include leadership, entrepreneurship, career transition, job search, re-integration, self-management, work-life balance, cross-cultural working practice, and others.  

Who benefits?

Mentoring provides undeniable benefits to the Mentees: during the program, they have a chance to clarify their career directions, actively analyze their career and/or personal development and growth. They will also be responsible to strive to achieve their goals set at the beginning of the program. Mentees will receive constant feedback and support from their Mentor. They will gain advice on how to enhance their confidence and how to confront challenges.

However, the Mentoring Program is also beneficial for the Mentors: they will have the chance to develop their leadership skills and, thanks to the support of the Mentoring Coordination Team, they will experience a program that also challenges them to reflect on their professional career and aspirations. It is a chance to reflect on their own practices and challenges. Mentors will be the ones to encourage action, commitment and motivation. At the same time they will provide and receive continuous feedback. 

The PWN Mentoring Program creates the opportunity to develop personally and to grow diverse skills, it increases the professional networks of participants and it helps to develop a strong community. 

Who is behind the PWN Mentoring Program?

PWN relies on the excellent volunteer work of several of its members. Our Mentoring Coordination Team (MCT) is currently working to successfully further develop the Mentoring Program, and to engage as many Mentors and Mentees as possible. You can contact the MCT directly at and send them your questions. 

Tatjana Harms - Mentoring Coordinator

Tatjana is an adviser and manager, providing strategic solutions and communication hacks to other professionals and game-changers. She is a linguist with a degree in international economy and a deep interest in psychology and social causes. She coordinates the PWN Vienna Mentoring Program and the team of five as of 2019. She oversees the execution and development of the whole program.  Tatjana has lived in Slovenia, Serbia and Austria. 


Carmen Visus - Mentee Coordinator

Carmen Visus works as Programs Manager at AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals. She has 15 years of international experience in Spain, USA and Austria. Her background includes coordinating teams and professionals from different disciplines, organizing conferences, programs management, assessing teams’ work and developing improvement strategies. Carmen was a Mentee with PWN Vienna and this helped her to transition from research to business and corporate development in the pharma industry. She is now very enthusiastic about supporting Mentees and the Mentoring Team at PWN. 


Juliane Scherf - Mentors Coordinator

Juliane was born in Germany. As a social dancer, cultural manager in the performing arts and bodyworker she has one big mission: Bringing people together and supporting them in expressing their true potential. She has her own studio in the beautiful Spittelberg, where she teaches people to be more aware of their bodies and therefore to have more energy to live a self-determined life. When she’s „off“ you will meet her on the social dance floor or on the top of a mountain. Photo © AndreaZehetner


Dieter Langenecker - Mentors Coordinator

Dieter is a Purpose Counselor. He supports people in discovering and living their life purpose, and organizations in finding their higher purpose. He was a Mentor in the PWN Vienna Mentoring Program 2018/19 and is in charge of the Mentor coordination and running the Mentor workshops in 2019/20. Dieter is Austrian.



Anila Llagami - Mentee Coordinator

Anila is a senior manager with long experience in financial management and project management in international cross-cultural organizations. She was a Mentee with PWN Vienna and is now Mentee Coordinator. Anila is looking forward to helping Mentees achieve the most out of the Mentoring Program by growing personally and professionally. Anila is Albanian.





Applications are now open for this year's PWN Vienna Mentoring Program 2019/2020!

You can either join our team of Mentors and share your experiences, offer guidance to your Mentees, and enhance your leadership skills and business network, or you can become a Mentee and enhance your career and professional life with the help of our Mentors and your fellow Mentees. 


Application Procedure

  1. Mentors and Mentees can apply by filling out our online application forms.
  2. Mentors and Mentees must submit their CV to complete their application.
  3. Selected Mentors will receive a confirmation by September 30th, 2019.
  4. Selected Mentees will receive a confirmation by October 7th, 2019.
  5. The Kick-off Meeting will be on October 17th, 2019

Application Deadlines & Forms

Before you apply, please make sure you will be available to join the program. We strongly recommend availability for at least one meeting per month, to be able to fully benefit from the program. Engagement and dedication to the program are crucial for successful mentoring. Please be aware that participation in the Kick-Off Meeting (October 17th, 2019) is mandatory.

We drafted a preliminary schedule for this year's program. It will be updated as the program unfolds. 

  • Application deadline for MENTORS and MENTEES is September 8th, 2019.

Please note: 

To gain access to any of our premium content, including the Mentoring program, but also free participation at our Linkup & Learn events, our Leadership workshops and networking, you will be required to become a premium member of PWN Vienna. Simply renew your membership or join now! 


Code of Ethics

PWN Vienna, like many other bodies, is committed to maintaining and promoting excellent practice in mentoring. We are building our Mentor Scheme in a step by step process around a recognized professional framework. EMCC is one of the leading global organizations in the mentoring field. One of our next steps is to adopt the Global Code of Ethics set out by the European Mentor and Coaching Council. We anticipate that you too can identify with the Code of Ethics in as much as it relates to mentors and mentoring (it also applies to those who coach or supervise). We, therefore, invite all our mentors to sign up to the Code of Ethics as part of our shared commitment and desire to conduct our mentoring work in a professional manner.

Tatjana, Ani, Carmen, Cristina, Dieter, Juliane, Yolanda - Mentoring Team 2019/2020



More Questions?

Contact the PWN Vienna Mentoring Coordination Team at


During the program, participants might be requested for voluntary feedback which may be recorded as audio or video material, or to have their photograph taken. This material may be used in the PWN Vienna Connect magazine or online social media platforms. For more details or respective GDPR questions, please contact our Mentoring Coordination Team.

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