PWN Vienna workshop - Impress your audience!

14 May 2020 18:30 - 21:00 WU Entrepreneurship Center



Learn how to reduce your stress and improve your communication skills for pitches and speeches


Solweig built this workshop series as a training field. Her goal is to ultimately make sure that your message is well conveyed and received, whether it is through a video, a pitch or a training.

The third workshop will be about pitches and speeches. You will have the time and place to either:

1.    train in front of kind and caring audience - after your first try, you will receive constructive feedback regarding posture, articulation, content, visuals, etc. and tools to improve it. Then there is no need to wait! You will try a second time with the new tools and maybe a third one if we have time.

2.    get help to prepare a pitch or speech – we will brainstorm together on what you will need to have a great pitch and what will support your message. Be ready to try and already pitch during the workshop.

To provide the best quality for the people who want to actively participate, only 5 persons will be able to train or prepare their pitch/speech.

Listener are also very welcome! This is also a good way to learn and prepare your script.

If you want to participate whether as a guest or an active participant, we kindly ask you to fill in this small questionnaire in order to help Solweig to prepare:

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WU Entrepreneurship Center
Welthandelsplatz 1, A-1020 Wien
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€35 per attendee


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