How networking impacts personal development


PWN Romania is giving a lot of thought on how networks impact on personal development, as it relates to be a strong human capital asset to an organization. We are determined to make networks really count for members, companies and society, much beyond mere box ticking. How do network tools, informal coaching, business contacts, mentoring programs, expert speakers on leadership skills, really impact the development of women’s skills, visibility and leadership roles within your organization? Are you more confident, informed, determined, bold, active, happier due to your involvement in a network? Is there any measurable quanty or qualitative ROI? Is the cause and the effect of your engagement in women’s networks too complex to measure?


Connecting, creating and contributing – these are the three core tasks that make or break a global leader!

Leaders possessing a global mindset are able to interpret and to decode situations from multiple, even competing, points of view. They have an insatiable interest to learn about other cultures. They care to understand other people’s perspectives and suspend their judgment to do so. They are aware of the economical and political issues around the world and can grasp the inherent complexity of international affairs from multiple national perspectives. Finally, they nurture relationships with associates and friends around the world and have a unique ability to transcend cultural barriers and cultivate trust.

How are these competencies split between men and women in an organization? How can networks build leadership resources related to these global leadership competencies in both short and long term?

We find these questions incredibly important as we continue to add value to women’s advancement in decision taking roles.

We all have a busy agenda and finding time to be active in networks is an ongoing struggle. Our goal is to make the time invested in networks matter today and in the future.

Workshop program

The Mentoring Committee initiates a new project this year (2014). We want to create “defining moments” beyond a one-in-one relationships, via one-to-many and many-to-many meaningful connections.
We are launching the Defining Moments Workshop Series by which we aim to give you valuable teaching and interactions. The series are structured in three clusters:

  • Professional development
  • Personal development
  • Leisure

We aim to bring you 8 of the most interesting themes on each cluster. We need you to define 8 most interesting themes and help us make them happen! Please click below to make your choice.

Mentoring program – Defining Moments workshops – Topics survey


A wide research shows that a broad set of business benefit is associated with gender diversity in corporate boards. This includes an improved financial performance and a shareholder value, an increased customer and employee satisfaction, an increased confidence of the investor and a better market knowledge and reputation.


Currently, women occupy only 15% of non-executive management positions in listed companies in the European Union and only 2% of them are CEOs. A negative aspect is noticed also in Romania, where even fewer women are breaking the glass and are promoted as Directors in Boards.


 A holistic approach is required in order to support women into breaking the glass and develop their careers. Multiple stakeholders may contribute to this:

  • Companies should promote knowledge transfer, follow the best practice and lead by giving a good example and attracting others within this process
  • Different programs supporting women in their careers, such as mentoring and coaching ones, would be some great enhancers in this direction
  • Women should also become more aware of their potential and should work to develop self-empowerment and assertiveness
  • The government is the one which can provide the best support by making policies as to facilitate women’s access to top positions

PWN Romania follows a systemic approach into supporting its individual members in this process of accelerating their careers. It gives mentoring, coaching and leadership training, assists companies in developing gender diversity programs and supports any public policy that aims to give women access to decision making positions.


PWN Romania’s mentoring program brings members closely and enables professionals to be part of the growth and development of those people who are at the beginning level of a successful career. Each member interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee (advice recipient) must fill in a standard form stating the goals, the expectations and the areas of expertise.

The committee of mentoring angels seeks candidates matching according to their strengths and areas of expertise. The program consists of monthly meetings during a time period of 6 months held either face-to-face or via phone/ Skype.

PWN Romania has already run a pilot experiment (2013) and a full-fledged program (2013-2014), creating life-changing impact and memories for both mentors and mentees. The results of this program are illustrated in the Mentoring program closing celebration 2013-2014.



As a dynamic non-profit international network of professional women, the Global Professional Women’s Network uses the mentoring program as a tool to promote the professional progress of women in each phase of their career and helps them follow professional career paths.


Mentoring activity is a developmental partnership in which a person with relevant knowledge and experience (a mentor) shares knowledge and skills in order to support other people (a mentee) in their personal and professional development.


From an individual perspective, mentoring programs facilitate learning and mutual supporting relationships between the mentor and the mentee. The former contributes to the success of the latter by sharing lessons learned in the past and by providing insight into today’s business reality. In exchange, the mentor improves his communication skills and acquires professional recognition through the selection system. Essentially, the mentor provides professional potential development support, as well as access to professional networks which offer further opportunities. The mentee benefits of guidance in establishing and achieving professional goals. Therefore, he gains greater self-confidence and motivation.


Beyond the individual level, the mentoring program is beneficial also for organizations as it extends business networks and enhances business opportunities. It also improves strategic thinking in HR management (selection of high-potential employees, professional and personal development, more in-depth understanding of the organization).




The mentoring program is developed and implemented by the Mentoring Committee (Mentoring Angels):
Chairman: Magda Niculescu, Vice-President Mentoring of PWN Global – Romanian Division
Members: Andreea Stoica, Madalina Radulescu, Paula Buse, Petra Muller-Demary and Rodica Gheorghita.

The mentoring program consists of four steps:

    • Registration in the program by filling the application forms – Mentee profile or Mentor profile – where the mentor and the mentee describe their profile and the match they are looking for. All profiles will pass among applicants for a first orientation in choosing their match.
    • Program launch – within a special Launch event in October, mentors and mentees will gather together for the first time.
      • the mentors will introduce themselves and the mentees will finalize their mentor choice (three choices, in order of preferences);
      • the Mentoring Angels will describe the process and will inform participants about basic skills and best practices;
      • the latecomers will have their last chance to join on the spot.
  • Mentoring sessions will be held between mentors and mentees either face-to-face or by remote, during November 2014 – June 2015.
  • Program Evaluation and Closing Celebration Event will take place in June 2015 and will sum up the program’s results.


The Mentoring Program involves a 6 sessions’ commitment over a period of six months, either face-to-face or online. The duration, the structure and the content of these sessions is set by the two participants, Mentor and Mentee. Relevant best practice information, mid-course status summary and overall evaluation report will reflect the program’s achievements.


  • If you are a potential Mentee:
    Fill in the Mentee profile form, stating your goals, expectations and little information about yourself.
  • If you would like to become a Mentor:
    Send a CV at the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and fill in the Mentor profile form.

The Mentoring Angels will pair Mentors and Mentees by using the steps described above. The Mentoring Angels remain at the disposal of every interested person and provide Mentors and Mentees with required information. They also answer questions and make suggestions regarding further improvement.


If you already are an entrepreneur woman, PWN Romania is the ideal place for you to learn and share your experiences! Or, if you are a corporate woman that is ready to take the big step and become an entrepreneur, here is the place in which you can get inspiration and mentoring! However, if you have already taken this step and you are in the start-up phase, we will give you support and coaching!

Our vision: Business opportunity. Remote support. Exposure.

We strongly believe that entrepreneurs women inside PWN Romania can extensively benefit from the association’s inner capital knowledge and from PWN Global network’s exposure. Moreover, they can become an inspiration for entrepreneurs women outside our organization.

Strategies for 2014-2015:

  • Remote support: Building bridges from corporate to entrepreneurship for members in transition.
  • Exposure: PWN Romania supports business leading women in Romania.
  • Business opportunity: generate new business opportunities inside our network (by identifying the members, their businesses and their business needs) and outside PWN (by generating new contacts within various business events).

Join and meet us within networking events and discover the power of a strong community!

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